Wedding Ceremony eBook

Your wedding day was all you hoped for and more. You never want to forget it and you certainly want to be able to share it with your children or family, as you all grow older. There is a way to relive the ceremony and that is by making or having someone make you a beautiful wedding ceremony eBook.

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Everyone loves good memories and there are some important and heartfelt memories that you never want to forget even a minute of the event. There is a simple way to holding on to every minute and you can even do it yourself. Make a wedding ceremony eBook. If you make it then you will be the one to decide everything you want to put into the eBook. They are easy to make and there are layouts on the internet to help you get started.
First, you might want to keep a journal. When something takes place, be sure and write the date and even the time if you choose and what event took place, obviously the first is when the engagement began. How did your fiancé ask the question or how did they react to the question “Will you marry me”? Did it happen by a surprise in a drink, food, or did the engagement start by kneeling down on one knee?
Although it may sound like a lot to keep up while planning the wedding all you need to do is write a date, time, place, and how it happened one or two quick sentences. The journal is not per say a real journal, but something to keep notes of the different events.
Now you have the main idea and you have your journal one you can carry around with you. Just in case; for example, you end up seeing that perfect wedding dress before you even set a date to shop for the dress and you try it on knowing this is the one then after all is said and done write it down. It is all up to you what you want to keep notes about.
The eBook is meant to hold memories forever which means it is entirely up to you and your spouse to go through the wedding ceremony journal and decide what you both want in the eBook. Now you have both decided what will be in the eBook or you may have decided all of the events are going to make the eBook now it is time for you to make your very own eBook to have and to hold.
Including the vows in the eBook is another idea, especially if you both chose to read your own vows. Adding who gave the bride away, and all the immediate and important persons in the ceremony is another idea. Adding pictures to your eBook is easy to do and you may want to make them smaller if there are many you want in the book. While you start your layout you can do all the stories and add photos last, or you can tell the story and add photos on each page or at the end of the particular event you are sharing in your eBook.
There are so many ways to make the right eBook for you and your new spouse. Although, it seems like a lot of work and that it is going be a long eBook it truly will not be. Just as you wrote simple notes in the journal, sharing the same in the Wedding Ceremony eBook will be easy and to the point. Never overdo it and you need not write every single hour of the ceremony. Again, this is your eBook with the memories you and your spouse want to remember and share with your children, family, and friends. What makes this eBook so special is you and your spouse made it all on your own with the use of jotted down information with beautiful pictures and ending up with reenacting the wedding ceremony all over again.


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